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The Altar

written over the course of a whiskey, a bath, and a walk.

Come to the altar

And pray with me.

I have an extra seat

Just for you.

It's special here

There is a selection of sins

From which you can choose

Whatever suits your fancy.

Some like it sour

Some like it neat

But I like it dry—

Like my cheeks after you wipe them clean.

You see the priest is my friend

He serves his sermon up strong

His beat-up flannel

Knows every lie I've ever told.

"I only smoke when I drink,"

you say as I hand you a cig

That should be a t-shirt, I think

And take a sip—cheers, clink.

So eat, drink, and be merry!

That’s what they all say, at least

Keep going

You don't need to stop

I promise we’ll answer your prayers

If you donate to the cause

You’re helping those in need, after all,

A bandaid for broken hearts.

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